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Whether you are looking to continue your education, transition into a career in tech or simply boost your career path, we offer certifications across three tracks in Software Programming.

At the initial stage, students who are enrolled in AltSchool Africa will spend some time exploring their interests in software engineering by learning through a unified curriculum before eventually landing on an area of focus. When this happens, learning becomes much more specialised to the selected certification track.

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Product Marketing

Product Marketing is one of the highly sought after and lucrative non-code tech skills. It sits at the intersection of product, sales and marketing. Product marketers are product promoters. This means that they develop unique campaign ideas to market a company’s products, services or overall brand identity. It also entails masterful communication both internally and externally within the organization. This program will take you through how to develop a compelling positioning and multilayered messaging for a product or product line, supporting the marketing funnel, managing product-focused campaigns, organizing successful product launches, and providing powerful sales enablement to empower the company to reach it’s financial goals among others. You will be trained by top Marketing experts through practical, real-world examples and clear explanations.

What will I learn?

courseProduct Marketing

This program is designed to provide you with in-depth knowledge on these:

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What Product Marketing is

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Collating and analysing customer data

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How to conduct effective market research

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Creating product roadmaps

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Product Marketing success metrics and measurement

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Product messaging and storytelling

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Go-to-market strategy

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Technical writing

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Product marketing plan

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Content strategy

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Brand and Product positioning

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Project management

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Develop effective pricing and packaging strategy

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Demand generation

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Crafting product messaging

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Product Marketing

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Sales Enablement

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